Appliances - Hastings Fire Brigade

Hastings Pumper

Hastings Pumper

Scania Mid Mounted Type 4 Pumper

Hastings received the Mid Mounted Type 4 Pumper in 2011 to replace an Isuzu Type 3 Medium Pumper that had been in service since 2004.

Based on a slightly modified Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Mark 5 Pumper, this truck is the only one of its kind in the CFA and was previously located at Dandenong.

The vehicle was introduced into the fleet to evaluate different pump configurations for the new Heavy Pumpers. After extensive trials, it was decided to build rear mounted Pumps. The mid mounted Pumper was then re-located to Hastings.

Hastings Tanker 1


IVECO Heavy Tanker

Hastings received a new Heavy Tanker in 2023, replacing the previous 3.4C Heavy Tanker that had been in service since 2006.

Hastings Tanker 2

Hastings Tanker 2

Isuzu Light Tanker

The Light Tanker is a Brigade owned appliance and was purchased in 2017 after an extensive fund raising campaign by the Brigade.

Hastings FCV

Hastings FCV

Field Command Vehicle

The Field Command Vehicle (FCV – which was originally known as the “Brigade Support” prior to reclassification in 2010) was purchased in 2015 and put online shortly after.

It replaced the previously owned Nissan Patrol.