Hastings Junior Fire Brigade - Hastings Fire Brigade

Hastings Junior Fire Brigade is lead by the designated Junior Leader, who is an Operational Fire Fighter qualified for the position. They are assisted by other Seniors as well as his Junior Fire Fighter Captain, and Lieutenants, appointed from the active particpents in the program.

The Juniors do many activities such as tanker and hose laying drills, draughting water from dams, Search and Rescuce, radiio operations and map reading as well as theory on what fire actually is and how it works, wildfire behaviour and compartment fire. All of these activities prepare the Juniors for life as a Senior fire fighter, when they move up.The Juniors have also gone on excursions to the Fire Musem in Melbourne, the local police station, Tullamarine Airport Fire Station and Frankston S.E.S.

Juniors train on Mondays (except on school and public holidays) at Hastings Fire Station, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. To join, you must be aged between 11-16 years of age and have a parent or guardian’s permission. After a probationary period of 3 months, you will be provided with a CFA Junior Volunteer Development Program polo shirt and cap. Additionally, Hastings Juniors have a personalised polo shirt and cap which can be brought through the brigade at a minimum price.